Finding Centre / Anatomy in Motion F.A.Q. Page

1) Who is the content on this Finding Centre Online Education Platform targeted at?

There will soon be two different audiences for this online platform. The new addition being our patients and non-therapists out there who seek help with their body in their daily life. We welcome you with open arms 😃 The second part of this community are my AiM students. Please read your relevant section below:

  • Patients seeking help with their body:

Thank you so much for joining us here at AiM. Our primary intention is to enable you to find out new things about your body and your current situation through a process of self-assessment. I believe that the one person in the world who can heal you... is you! You have everything you need to make that a reality, except perhaps for a process and a way of thinking. While I do not guarantee you a way out through this process, I do hope that you will better understand what is going on for you, in your body through your posture, joint motion potential and foot pressures. Such a process of self-investigation may even help you to help your therapist in getting to the bottom of your issues. With a diligent focus, dedication, commitment and patience, you may well uncover the one thing that has been overlooked, unconsidered and untreated that begins to make a difference in your therapeutic approach.

If you have arrived here as a member of the public (and not one of our AiM students, you will only see content meant for you! We hope that you benefit greatly from our online programs and look forward to hearing your feedback! Simply sign in or create a new account with us, and use your credit card to complete your purchase.

  • AiM Students on our Subscription platform:
Huge thanks to you guys for your continued commitment to learning our work. The Student Section of this Online Education Platform is for existing AiM Students, i.e. those that have studied with us in person on any of the following:
  • AiM 6 Day immersion Course
  • Finding Centre Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 Courses
  • AiM High Performance Program

This student targeted content is not suitable for people who have not attended a course in person / studied directly with   Gary Ward, and thus we will not sell to, or allow subscriptions from non AiM existing learners. Simply sign in or create a new account with us, and use your credit card to complete your purchase.

2) Why can't I download videos onto my computer?

Simply put, we want to offer you the best possible content for a very reasonable expenditure on your part. In order to make that happen we need to have some control on who is viewing our video content. Experience has shown that when AiM/Finding Centre videos are easily downloadable, they are often shared outside of our community which doesn't serve us or you; the dedicated practitioner that has invested time and money into your education!

You will be able to access your content anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet. In addition we have a brand spanking new video player that will stream an appropriate sized video to you, depending on your internet connection. We hope you enjoy our content and look forward to your feedback.