This Wake Your Feet Up programme really does give you a chance to learn about your feet, take ownership of your feet and most importantly take action to restore necessary movement patterns that can have far reaching effects through your whole body.

Course contents

    1. Where Can I Purchase AiM Wedges From?

    2. Introducing My "Wake Up Your Feet" Series

    3. Introduction- Basic Concepts

    4. Foot Anatomy & Introducing Wedges

    5. Education - Why Use Wedges?

    6. Wake Your Feet Up Course Manual

    1. Meet Your Feet

    2. Foot Pronation

    3. Big Toe Test

    4. Dynamic Foot Pressures

    5. The Pen Test

    6. Foot Supination

    1. Introduction

    2. Using Wedges to Fill Space

    3. Wedge Placement - Side View

    4. Wedge Placement - Front View

    5. Wedge Placement - Bird's Eye View

    1. Whole Body Connection

    2. Front Leg - Pronation Wedges

    3. Mid Stance

    4. Back Leg Wedges

    1. Reassess

Course Details

  • £24.99
  • 22 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • This programme includes detailed explanation of how to use a set of AiM wedges (sold separately for £19.99 inc VAT, purchase details included in the first lesson) to help you promote long lost movement in your feet and integrated movement patterns to guide you to connect the new movement you experience in your feet, all the way up into your whole body.

    The Wake Your Feet Up programme is an accompaniment to our Wake Your Body Up (WYBU) programme; ultimately enabling you to take ownership of your feet, legs and upper body in both assessment and also movement inspiration to guide your body back towards finding a point of balance, ease, comfort and flow.

About Gary Ward - Founder of Anatomy in Motion

I am Gary ward founder of Anatomy in Motion and creator of the Flow Motion Model ™. I'm the author of What The Foot & I teach, treat, travel and parent!

This work came about out of a deep curiosity of mine to understand HOW things move..... (read more)

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