Wake Your Body Up

Two Part Series | taught by Gary Ward
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Gary Ward's Wake Up Your Body! (Part One)
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My Movement Exploration
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Part One Summary
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Gary Ward's Wake Up Your Body! (Part Two)
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Part Two Summary
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Course description

The "Wake Your Body Up" series follows on from the work I did with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee in his book "The 4 Pillar Plan" where I am featured in a section of the Movement chapter called "Wake up your Sleepy Glutes!"; This is a much deeper look into what you can do to wake up your whole inter-connected body; it is also an opportunity for you to begin a self-enquiry into your own physical condition and begin to make sense of what has been happening to you and your body over the years. After all you are the sum of everything you have done in your life to date.  Many people tell me they have lost hope or been abandoned by their therapists. I find this both hard to believe and sad. However, it might just be time to take some personal responsibility, take some ownership of your own body and go through a process of self-assessment and learn a new process which speaks directly to your brain and has the potential to reorganise your whole body. A little bit at a time, every day, or every week over a long period will go a long way to you understanding your situation more and being in a position to do something about it. All you need is your body, a notepad, pen and paper, some patience, commitment and dedication to the highest cause on the planet... YOU.

This is a two part series: Part one for self-assessment and early appreciation of movement. Part two for deeper movements based on your assessment and findings.

Further "Wake Your Body Up" projects will emerge over time as we look at different body parts and their role in managing your posture and your movement through life.

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Gary Ward
Gary Ward

I am Gary ward founder of Anatomy in Motion and creator of the Flow Motion Model. Author of What The Foot. I teach, treat, travel and parent 😃

There will soon be two different audiences for this online platform. The new addition being our patients and non-therapists out there who seek help with their body in their daily life. We welcome you with open arms 😃 The second part of this community are my AiM students. Please read your relevant section below:

Patients seeking help with their body: 
Thank you so much for joining us here at AiM. Our primary intention is to enable you to find out new things about your body and your current situation through a process of self-assessment. I believe that the one person in the world who can heal you... is you! You have everything you need to make that a reality, except perhaps for a process and a way of thinking. While I do not guarantee you a way out through this process, I do hope that you will better understand what is going on for you, in your body through your posture, joint motion potential and foot pressures. Such a process of self-investigation may even help you to help your therapist in getting to the bottom of your issues.  With a diligent focus, dedication, commitment and patience, you may well uncover the one thing that has been overlooked, unconsidered and untreated that begins to make a difference in your therapeutic approach.

AiM Students on our Subscription platform:
Huge thanks to you guys for your continued commitment to learning our work. 

My intention with this platform is simple. To maintain the possibility of keeping you immersed in the Finding Centre philosophy and Flow Motion Model.

Everything in theory goes back to the five laws. Keep these in mind when you question or are challenged by the content.

  • Muscles lengthen before they contract
  • Joints act muscles react
  • Everything orbits around centre
  • Your perception of centre dictates posture and potential
  • Your brain is hard wired for perfection

The layers and depth to what is possible inside the FMM is breath-taking. Joint Motion - the basics of joint motion - inspire all motion in the body. Not just musculoskeletal and biomechanical motion, but motion in nerves, motion in the flow of fluids, motion in the organs and motion in the mind.

With balanced motion either side of Centre and in all three dimensions of human movement, you create an environment for healing and hand that responsibility back to the patient themselves.

Please use this information to empower your patients. I have always maintained that we have an opportunity to give all of our patients both HOPE and SOLUTIONS... something very few people are receiving out there.

Keep moving and AiM high 😃