Includes Lower Limb & Upper Body Plus Assessment Courses!

CPD Certified Bundle

All 3 courses in this Bundle come with CPD Points

A CPD Certificate will be issued for each of the three courses you complete!

Tell Me More About Closed Chain Biomechanics Of The Human Body In Motion Course Bundle!

Please click through to the landing page for each course above and take a look at what each one consists of. Take a look at what's on offer and I hope to see you on the inside

  • You are able to purchase all three of our online programmes "Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb" and "Biomechanics of the Upper Body in Motion" individually for £110 (£99 for our Assessment For Lower & Upper Body courses).

  • You are free to study the courses in any order. We do advise starting with Lower Body first.

  • ALL THREE courses in this bundle have been approved for CPD and these points are recognised internationally.

  • Lower Limb & Upper Body courses require 100% completion in order to be able to download your certificate which is evidence of CPD

  • There are quiz questions throughout which are designed to support your learning journey rather than challenge it.


  • Will I always have access to this Course Bundle?

    Once purchased you will have access to both courses anytime, anywhere in the world! All that is needed is an internet connection.

  • Are there any time limits to complete the courses?

    Absolutely not! You have lifetime access to your purchased courses and can work at your own pace.

  • Explain how the CPD points work

    Each of these three courses has it's own CPD points accredited to it. You will need to successfully complete all lessons and quizzes within each each course to be awarded a CPD Certificate and receive your points. Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb has 12 CPD points and Biomechanics of the Upper Body in Motion has 14 CPD points.

  • Do you offer support for this course

    We are unable to offer educational support as you work through these courses, refer to PLEASE READ section below. All quiz answers may be found in the relevant video lesson.

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I am Gary ward founder of Anatomy in Motion and creator of the Flow Motion Model ™. I'm the author of What The Foot & I teach, treat, travel and parent!

This work came about out of a deep curiosity of mine to understand HOW things move..... (read more)


We live in an age where social media and the internet which has made it very easy to reach out for support and answers…. while this is a truly remarkable advancement in how we are able to live our lives today, what does it stop us doing?

Unless we are self motivated and independent learners, it can stop us from being with a problem to truly begin to understand it. Do you remember the time when you purchased a textbook to learn from and you were not able to reach out to the author to ask for help? What did you do?

You became resourceful and started to look for ways to get the information you needed to answer your own questions…That was and still is, in our opinion, the real gift of learning…the ability to answer questions by understanding more rather than having the questions answered without really understanding what the answer is or means.

This has been a cornerstone of the teaching in AIM and will remain there whether it is in person or online. We want you to use your body to find the answer… it is not always easy, it is not always fun, but if it leads to better understanding, then we see it as worth the time, challenge and effort.